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Instead of motto:
"Stupidity is a beautiful gift of God. Because it decreases the responsibility."
(Fr. Bernard Risky, OFM)

More spicy details about author of these pages

So you are interested in my personality? I wonder why - although, I have to confess, as a normal vainglorious man I am of course very pleased by that ... (I admit this not because of honesty but because of expediency: You would find it out yourself sooner or later, so I guess it will look better if I tell you outright about it myself.)

So now how shall we sort this business out? My suggestion:

  • Let's begin with me in person,
  • and only then I will spent some time introducing you my wife.
  • My family will follow afterwards.
  • And that should be enough, I believe.

    About me

    As you may have already guessed, I am male. I am of normal height (174 cm) and a bit overweight (80 kg). I was born in the early sixties in Brno, an unofficial capital of an unofficial "bundesland" Moravia of what used to be Czechoslovakia (which was an unofficial colony of what used to be Soviet Union). I spent all my childhood in a village called Drevohostice in central Moravia and now I've been living in Prague, effectively since 1983. Therefore I count myself opportunistically either to being from "Moravian" Brno or from a "humble" village or from "gorgeous" Prague, whichever seems more convenient for me at that time.

    I am earning my meager salary as a researcher at the Institute of Physics of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. I enjoy my work quite often and hate it from time to time. I am afraid I am not a really good scientist, however, if it were not for mediocre researchers - how would you distinguish the good ones? Also, note that most exceptional characters still need someone else's applaus and appraisal. And that's the point: While everyone can appreciate the skills of a pop-star or a great soccer player, hardly anyone can indeed appreciate the genial skills of guys like Einstein or Feynman. So there simply must be some knowledgeable people available around, who could applaud to the outstanding scientists - the more the better. And that's where people like me become indispensable...

    If you are still interested in reading my Curriculum Vitae, help yourself.

    Okay, that was my professional personality. Following are few more "personal" (=exhibicionist) details about me.

    Literary characters with whom I could identify myself
    Some favourite books of mine (an assorted non-representative list)

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    About my wife

    Perhaps not surprisingly for some of you, my wife is female (and - to be honest - I do appreciate this fact, despite some troubles it poses from time to time). I am not going to disclose her age or basic physical parameters as that would be considered impolite in my culture. She was born in Prague, she used to live in Prague and she lives in Prague now. So as she is 100% Czech and I am 100% Moravian, we live in a mixed marriage in fact. It appears to be working anyway.

    I am afraid I am not authorized to provide you any more information about my wife via Web. I had tried it before and her response was not outright positive, to put it mildly. So you've got to ask her directly...

    I love her as only a husband can since winter 1988 (34 KB).

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    About my family

    "Children are guests asking their way." (A Pakistani proverb)

    At the moment, I care about two children that I share equally with my wife (you can see how caring and attentive mother my wife used to be back in 1993). Our son was born on 25. February. On that day the anniversary of a communist coup in my country (staged in 1948) used to be celebrated by displaying flags in the streets. To compensate for this "dark spot" in our diary, our dutiful daughter managed to be born on 17. November, on an anniversary of a big student demonstration which marked the beginning of the "velvet revolution" (I still like recalling that period...), a day which is now commemorated here as the end of the communist rule. From September 1996 till March 1997, we were caring also about another daughter. We hope to meet her again when the time comes.

    The photos which are available on this page are couple of years old, so do not waste your time by trying to identify my children according to them. (My wife, of course, looks all the same since twenty years ago. And the same applies for me as well.)
    Should you be interested in more recent graphical works originating from our family, you may browse my son's zazzle profile or redbubble profile with lots of mug and T-shirt design and few other drawings.

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