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Assorted topics of my and possibly also your interest

This part of hard-disk stores data about my non-professional hobbies, interests, nightmares and similar stuff. I hope you will find this material useful and worthy. If not, I don't care...

Now what can you find on this page:

About my hobbies and other interests

In general, I am interested in nearly everything while I am an expert almost in nothing. Let me share with you some of my "topics of interest" (again, the material presented here is other people's work):

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Non-physical research of mine

Now watch out:
Following a long preparations and a short work, I finally make public to the mankind the results of my
own non-physical research. It spans topics as diverse as psychology, formal logics, pedagogy, religionistics, hygiene, economics or sociology. New laws are being added as they are being discovered.

A special page is devoted to religionistic analysis of Harry Potter. Actually, it is a whole scientific project and you are encouraged to participate in it.

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Less known but still interesting places on the Web.

There's a lot of good sites on the Web (though surely not as many as the bad ones). You will find your way to the majority of good and useful sites via traditional tools, possibly you are more familiar with them than I am. Here I would like to draw your attention to a selection of few sites which are not really important or useful but still worth a look or two. Just for safety reasons let me quote my favourite "daily news" server: "The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites". So here we go:

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Coping with the issue of religion

Writing on the wall:
"God is dead." Nietzsche.
"Nietzsche is dead." God.

This page is located on a server connected to the CESNET network, meaning that any religious propaganda is strictly prohibited. To be on the safe side, I am not going to disclose my religion preferences (in fact I might not do it in any case, not being a candidate in an american presidential contest).

Nevertheless, I'd like to share with you some results of a purely neutral religionistic research. To avoid possible confusion - these are results of other people's research, not my own! (I am reporting about my own non-physical research on a different place).

So here is list of my favourite religionistic themes:

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About my political activities

The regulations mentioned in the religion section fully apply to politics as well. So I again just plainly state that I am not active in politics - apart from watching it, creating my own opinion about it and casting my vote whenever given the opportunity.

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