Prague - Brevnov Monastery

30 August - 4 September 2015

        The conference programme is now available!


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Detailed scientific programm

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Registration and welcome at Vila Kajetanka

Vila Kajetanka is located in Prague 6, Radimova street. Formerly known as the shame of Prague 6 , it was completely rebuilt and has became a pleasant restaurant used for celebrations, banquets and welcome meetings.
Vila Kajetanka is easily accessible by public transport, map and connections are available in Kajetanka web site


Wednesday (September 2) afternoon is reserved for a conference trip. When selecting the destinations for the trip, we kept in mind that the participants would have sufficient opportunity to satisfy their needs for architectural and urbanistic sightseeing directly in Prague, and we decided to offer two options to experience other parts and facets of Czechia.

Option 1: Visit of the Nižbor glassworks and the Křivoklát castle

Czechia is famous for its crystal in a wide variety of decorations from the simple to extremely complex and laborious, with gilt, hand painting and sandblasting. We will visit the glass factory RÜCKL CRYSTAL a.s. at Nižbor where you will be shown the individual stages of producing glass crystal by hand, i.e. the furnaces, processing, designing and polishing. There will also be a possibility to purchase some of their products.
Czechia is a home to a large number of medieval castles, some dating back to 12th century. The Křivoklát castle , located about 40 km to the west from the centre of Prague, belongs to the oldest and most important castles in the Czech Republic. It was one of the seats of the Czech kings during 13th and 14th century. The castle is situated in a beautiful foresty landscape and, unlike the Prague castle, it kept its medieval appearance.
We will leave by bus at 13:15 from the Břevnov monastery for the Nižbor glassworks where we will see the ndividual stages of glass making process during the 45 minute excursion. There will be also some time for shopping. We will leave for the Křivoklát castle at about 15:30. We will visit the castle during the guided tour in English (approximate duration of the tour is 80 minutes). Before the guided tour the participants will have free time for visiting publicly accessible parts of the castle and/or for short refreshment. Expected return to Prague at 19:30 p.m.

Option 2: Visit Canada, two Americas and Mexico in one afternoon

The Czech nation is famous for its passion for hiking and other outdoor activities. The network of marked hiking trails in the Czech Republic is one of the densest and of the highest quality worldwide, with the total length of over 40 000 km of marked trails. We want to share some of this passion with you and invite you for a short hike in the beautiful landscape of the region of the Czech karst.
We will leave by bus at 13.15 p.m. from the Břevnov monastery to the Karlštejn village. We will then walk towards the castle of Karlštejn, certainly one of the most beautiful and most famous Czech castles, built by the emperor Charles IV. in 14th century. After a short visit of the castle (no guided tour – the caste is much more interesting from outside than from the inside), we will continue the hike through the forests surrounding the castle, until we reach a series of now-abandoned, partially flooded limestone quarries. These quarries were given names Canada, Little America, Great America and Mexico. The bottom of the quarries is (officially) not accessible, but the quarries offer a series of beautiful views. We will be picked up by bus at the last and the largest of the quarries – the Great America.
The total length of the whole trip will be about 8 km. It is not an especially demanding trip and the pace will be adjusted to the needs of the participants, but we nevertheless recommend this trip only to persons without serious health conditions. We also recommend having suitable clothing for the case of non-ideal weather, and appropriate shoes, although hiking boots are not necessary. Expected return to Prague before 20:00.

Conference dinner at Strahov monastery

Velká klášterní restaurace (The Great Monastery Restaurant) is located at the areal of the Strahov monastery offers both Czech and international cuisine including homemade specialities. Although it is located in a historical building, its capacity is very large, up to 500 guests.
For Aperiodic2015 conference dinner there will be possibility to choose between three menus. The selection will be done at registration desk. Details will be given later on.