Prague - Brevnov Monastery

30 August - 4 September 2015

        The conference programme is now available!

Confirmed invited speakers

We are planning one honorary lecture, three tutorials and about eight invited lectures.

Honorary lecture: Ted Janssen: The usefulness and unusefulness of the superspace approach for aperiodic crystals

Tutorial: J.M. Perez-Mato: Superspace symmetry of magnetically modulated crystals

Tutorial: 2. Hiroyuki Takakura: to be specified

Tutorial: N. Strungaru: General Meyer sets and their diffraction spectrum

Invited lecture: An-Pang Tsai: Structure and stability of Mg/quasicrystal interface in Mg-Cd-Yb alloys

Invited lecture: C. Huck: Visible lattice points and weak model sets

Invited lecture: G. Chapuis: A crystallographic excursion in the world of aperiodic natural structures

Invited lecture: D. Johnson: Ferecrystals (turbostratic misfit layer sulfides)

Invited lecture: C. Hejny: Aperiodic Structures at High Pressure

Invited lecture: P.F. Lory: Lattice Dynamics of Al-Co approximant with experiment and simulation

Invited lecture: M. Engel: to be specified

Invited lecture: B. Lanson: Polytypes in natural clay

Invited lecture: T. Sato: to be specified

Invited lecture: S. Foerster: to be specified